About us


Perfect location, perfect attitude, perfect food and coziness. Everything is perfect at the most visited restaurant in Levski – Pizza & Restaurant "Perfecto."


The restaurant is part of the "Perfecto" complex, located at St.”Han  Alsparuh” 1A, Levski, 5900 in the center of Levski.  Also situated here are a hotel and a large supermarket from the "Absolute+" chain.


If you're wondering which local restaurant to visit in Levski, you already have the answer. Pizza & Restaurant "Perfecto" has a maximum capacity of 180 seats and a terrace. Here you will find a rich variety of pizzas and cooked dishes. The portions are generous, and the prices are competitive.


The place is very popular for organizing various celebrations, children's birthdays, weddings, and themed events. A pleasant experience is always guaranteed, as customers enjoy good food, a comfortable ambiance, and professional service.